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How Sclerotherapy Works

Considered by many doctors as the treatment of choice for smaller veins, sclerotherapy is performed to lessen the appearance of spider veins. Many people undergo the procedure to get relief from the symptoms related to vein problems, including: Aching Swelling Burning Night cramps How sclerotherapy works During the procedure, a mild chemical solution is injected directly … Continued

Varicose Vein Treatment

There are certain things our bodies can function without, such as the appendix, tonsils, and yes, varicose veins. Usually blue or purple in color, they can range from small veins to bulging veins on the feet, ankles and legs. Beyond the feelings of emotional stress and insecurity varicose veins can cause, they can also be … Continued

Low-Impact Exercise to Promote Vascular Health

These days, with proper nutrition and advances in medicine, people are enjoying longer, more active lives. When it comes to your veins, there are many heart-healthy activities you can do to promote vascular health. By incorporating low-impact exercises into your normal routine, you can boost your circulation for healthier veins and arteries. Low-impact exercises to promote vascular health Low-impact … Continued

After Phlebectomy procedure care instructions

After Care Instructions The numbing medicine will wear off in a couple of hours. Take 2 to 3 over-the-counter ibuprofen tablets with each following meal and at bedtime with food unless you are taking certain blood thinners.  Your leg may feel fine the rest of the day, but without taking the pain medication throughout the day, … Continued

Pre-Treatment Instructions for EVLT (Laser) and MOCA

After Care Instructions Please inform us of any allergy to medications you may have. Please fill the enclosed prescription for Alprazolam (Xanax) and bring it with you to surgery. You will be receiving a local anesthetic and perhaps an oral sedative during the procedure.  As such, we cannot allow you to drive home.  Please arrange for … Continued