Spider veins are smaller, pink and blue veins commonly found on the thighs, calves, ankles and feet. They are often fed by larger, bluer veins called reticular veins. Although spider veins are unsightly and primarily a cosmetic problem, they also can cause symptoms described as stinging, burning or aching.

Experienced precision meets advanced sclerotherapy for best results.

At Carolina Vein Specialists, our doctors recommend and use sclerotherapy to treat spider veins. This safe and effective treatment is both the gold-standard treatment for spider veins and a common procedure performed in our offices. 

Using a tiny needle, we inject a small amount of medicine directly into the spider vein. And, we use only the most advanced, FDA approved, nonsaline medicines to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with traditional saline. The solution injures the wall inside the vein, causing the vein to close. Over time, the vein gets reabsorbed naturally by the body, fading gradually. 

“This was a very pleasant experience with wonderful outcomes. The staff is absolutely wonderful and makes sure you are comfortable 100% of the time.”

— KIMBERLY T., happy patient

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