At Carolina Vein Specialists, we treat varicose veins, spider veins and other vein-related conditions using only the most advanced and effective methods. Our experienced, highly skilled physicians specialize in minimally invasive procedures that offer significant benefits over the older “vein-stripping” surgical methods, including:

  • Faster symptom relief and fading of surface veins
  • Faster recovery with few restrictions
  • Little to no downtime
  • All procedures performed outpatient and in-office
  • No hospital, sedation or surgery
  • Little or no scarring

Make varicose veins and symptoms disappear—the easy way.

With Carolina Vein Specialists, your vein treatment takes place while you’re awake, and after any procedure you’ll be able to walk out and return to work and exercise with no downtime. Here are the advanced treatments that have helped thousands of vein patients get back to their lives and show their legs:

Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLT/EVLA)

In this in-office procedure, our vein doctors use a thin, light-emitting fiber to heat the vein wall from inside the vein through a single tiny entry point. The vein begins closing down, and over time it is naturally absorbed by the body. 

  • Relieves varicose vein symptoms
  • No stitches or staples
  • No sedation 
  • Covered by most insurance plans

Microphlebectomy (Ambulatory Phlebectomy)

Using highly specialized instruments, we can remove small sections of bulging varicose veins through tiny openings. Very different from the old vein-stripping methods, this procedure is done in the office while you’re awake, and afterward you just get back to your life. 

  • Relieves varicose vein symptoms
  • Erases the appearance of varicose veins
  • No stitches or staples
  • No sedation

Endovenous Chemical Ablation

With this in-office procedure, we can relieve pain, heaviness and restlessness in the legs and make veins under the skin’s surface disappear. Under ultrasound guidance, we inject a medicine that causes unhealthy veins to shut down and get naturally absorbed over time.

  • Relieves leg symptoms
  • No stitches or staples
  • No sedation

MOCA – ClariVein®

Carolina Vein Specialists is the Triad’s first practice to treat patients with painful, achy legs due to vein disease using this amazing in-office method. It’s a gentler alternative to laser and radiofrequency treatments. 

  • No sedation
  • Quick procedure
  • No risk of nerve injury


In this procedure, the gold-standard treatment for spider veins, our expert doctors inject an FDA approved, nonsaline solution into the vein, causing the vein to shut down and be absorbed by the body naturally. Unlike the burning typically experienced with saline, the medicines we use alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with more traditional approaches.

  • In-office procedure
  • Advanced medications for best results
  • No sedation


With this safe, effective treatment, we can quickly and painlessly shut down and seal the deep veins that feed varicose veins. Our doctors, the first in the Triad to use this method, skillfully inject a medical-grade adhesive that shuts down the vein. In our hands, risks are low and treatment takes about 15 minutes. 

  • Treats saphenous veins
  • Quick and painless
  • No risk of nerve injury
  • Post procedure support hose not required


Radiofrequency is a minimally invasive thermal ablation procedure for people with venous disease that closes underlying damaged veins. Your physician will insert a small catheter to deliver heat into the diseased vein, causing it to shrink to normal size.

  • Restores healthy blood flow
  • Little to no pain
  • Advanced technology


Varithena is an injectable foam that treats varicose veins of the great saphenous vein system, which is found above and below your knees. The foam collapses and seals the faulty veins so that blood flow can be rerouted to nearby healthy functioning veins.

  • Ultrasound technology
  • Non-surgical
  • No risk of nerve damage

Compression Hose (Support Stockings)

Prescription compression hose permit better circulation and keep blood from pooling in the lower legs. This reduces leg swelling and pressure that cause aching, itching and restless legs. Of the many varieties, we recommend graduated compression hose. Shop for compression hose here

  • Relieves leg symptoms
  • Helps speed recovery
  • Helps with post-treatment discomfort 

For more information, or to schedule your consultation, call (336) 218-8346. You can also schedule an appointment using our easy online form.