Leg pain and swelling can be symptomatic of a number of problems. At Carolina Vein Specialists, one of our experienced vein doctors can help determine if vein problems are the source of these symptoms. If they are, we offer comprehensive, advanced, minimally invasive vein care to give you the relief, comfort and normalcy you’ve been missing.

Pain and swelling can be due to vein disease, even if you don’t have varicose veins. 

Although many people suffer with painful varicose veins, many others will have significant leg pain and swelling with or without significant surface veins. Here is why: 

Normally, veins in the skin drain into deeper skin veins, which then drain into larger, deeper veins in the muscles of the leg through a series of one-way valves. When these valves stop working correctly, blood drains in the opposite direction, from the veins in the deeper part of the leg to the veins closer to the skin. 

Vein Valve Diagram

This can result in veins popping up on the surface: varicose veins. But it also causes higher pressure in the veins closer to the ankles. If the pressure rises high enough—particularly with activities requiring you to stand or sit for prolonged periods, or from injuries or pregnancies—the pressure will cause fluid to shift from inside the veins to the skin. 

This excess surface pressure results in swelling, which is often why people notice their ankles are less swollen when they get out of bed in the morning but become more swollen as the day progresses.

Pressure will also cause symptoms described as aching, heaviness, throbbing, itching, burning, cramping or restlessness (particularly when trying to sleep). You may feel better by walking, stretching, exercising or elevating your legs—especially after a long day of work. That’s because these activities help to drain the pooled blood in your legs and reduce the pressure. But, once you stand or sit, the pressure rises and symptoms return.

If it’s underlying vein disease, get expert treatment from the forefront of the field.

Leg pain and swelling can come from multiple causes, not just vein disease. At Carolina Vein Specialists, we’ll consult with you, perform a physical exam and use diagnostic ultrasound to identify if underlying vein disease is the source of your discomfort and swelling. 

If vein disease (venous insufficiency) is at the root of your problem, our highly experienced doctors will choose the most appropriate treatment(s) for you based on the unique factors involved. We use only the most advanced, minimally invasive vein treatment procedures, technologies and medicines to help you get back to your life quickly, without surgery and little downtime. Our FDA approved, nonsaline medicines alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with traditional saline.

Here are the vein treatment procedures we will select from to resolve the pain and swelling in your leg(s):

  • Microphlebectomy (Ambulatory Phlebectomy) – Our vein doctors remove small sections of bulging varicose veins through tiny openings. Performed in office while you’re awake. Little to no discomfort and no downtime. Just get back to your life. 
  • Endovenous Chemical Ablation – This procedure enables us to relieve pain, heaviness and restlessness in the legs and make veins under the skin’s surface disappear. In our office, we inject a medicine that shuts unhealthy veins down.
  • Compression Hose – Prescription support stockings help prevent blood from pooling in the legs. This reduces leg swelling and pressure, which cause aching, itching and restless legs. Shop for compression hose here
  • Sclerotherapy – An in-office procedure and the gold-standard treatment for spider veins, we use tiny needles to inject a specialized solution into the vein, causing it to shut down. Our physicians’ skill means precision, comfortable treatment and optimal results.
  • Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLT/EVLA) – This in-office procedure involves heating the vein wall from inside the vein using a thin, light-emitting fiber, after which the vein begins to shut down. No downtime and little to no discomfort. 

To schedule your vein consultation with an experienced Carolina Vein Specialists physician, call (336) 218-8346. You can also request an appointment using our easy online form.