Find out why we are trusted by patients for advanced, minimally invasive vein procedures that have made us the leading vein treatment center in the North Carolina Triad.

 “What a difference it made. My legs feel so much better! Just to be able to play with my grandchildren and walk again is wonderful. I feel more energetic and feel better about myself. It’s miraculous. It was an answer to a prayer.”

— AGGIE M., happy patient

“When I played tennis, I was totally embarrassed to show my legs. Now I’m thrilled to death! I’m wearing skirts again and showing off my legs!”

— KAREN H., happy patient

“I can wear cute sundresses and shorts this summer!”

— GINA C., happy patient

“I’ve been dealing with painful varicose veins and aching legs for more than 10 years. What a difference the treatment made! My legs feel so much better, and I have more energy to play with my grandchildren!”

— AGGIE M., happy patient

“My legs really ached and were swollen. I am extremely impressed with the care I received and, most of all, with the results.”

— ROBERT P., happy patient

“I can tell you from personal experience that the results made a huge difference in my life. I only wish I had not waited so long.”

— WENDY P., happy patient

“I was able to dance the entire night at my daughter’s wedding!”

— BARBARA L., happy patient

“I’m a nurse, so I appreciate the thoroughness of the care from my first phone call through the first procedure. Carolina Vein Specialists has made a huge difference in my life.”

— SHERYL M., happy patient

 “This was a very pleasant experience with wonderful outcomes. The staff is absolutely wonderful and makes sure you are comfortable 100% of the time.”

— KIMBERLY T., happy patient

“Every one of the staff members was great and treated me with care. All of my appointments were on time, and I didn’t have to wait long to be seen by the doctor. I felt very little discomfort during my procedures, and I’m happy with the results. I’m so glad I did it and will be back when it’s time to treat the other leg.”

KIRA W., happy patient

“At my all-women exercise class, I had heard many good reports about Carolina Vein. I had a very pleasant experience and am very happy with my results.”

— JENNIFER J., happy patient

“The goal was accomplished – pain is gone and the visible aesthetics are on track for healing nicely! All staff are helpful and courteous.”

LOREN G., happy patient

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