For the best possible results from your vein treatment, it’s important to follow your after-care regimen. To make that easy, we’ve provided the post-treatment instructions you need… and pretreatment prep instructions for laser and MOCA treatment.

Select from the procedures to download the instructions applicable to your treatment as a PDF file. If you have any questions regarding your pretreatment preparation or post-treatment self-care, please call us at (336) 218-8346.

Download self-care instructions here.

EVLT (Laser) or MOCA (Clarivein) – Pre-Procedure Instructions
Preparing for your laser or MOCA vein treatment. 

Venaseal(TM) Treatment for Varicose Veins – After-Care Instructions
What you need to do to achieve optimal outcomes following your VenaSeal procedure.

EVLT (Laser) or MOCA (Clarivein) – After-Care Instructions
How to manage your leg after laser or MOCA treatment. 

Phlebectomy/Microphlebectomy – After-Care Instructions
What to do to manage your leg following your phlebectomy procedure.

Sclerotherapy Treatment for Spider Veins – After-Care Instructions
How to get the best results after your sclerotherapy treatment to eliminate spider veins.

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