Get the Most Advanced and Effective Treatment for Your Vein Related Condition

If you’re looking for safe, leading-edge treatments for your varicose veins or spider veins, contact the highly skilled physicians and medical professionals at Carolina Vein Specialists (CVS). We offer the most advanced technology and options for treatment in the North Carolina Triad.

Varicose veins are one of the most common conditions of venous disease in the legs. They affect 20 to 25 million people in the United States. These bulging, painful veins may form whenever blood pressure increases inside your veins. This can happen as a result of pregnancy or excessive weight and obesity.

Leading-edge treatments at CVS

In addition to Sclerotherapy, the gold standard for treatment of varicose and spider veins, here are some of the effective, minimally invasive procedures available at CVS:

  • VenaSealTM
    VenaSeal is a safe, effective treatment that can quickly and painlessly shut down and seal the deeper veins that feed varicose veins. Our board-certified physicians skillfully inject a medical-grade adhesive that shuts down the vein. In our skilled hands, risks are low and treatment can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. As an added benefit of this quick and incision-free procedure, post-procedure support hose isn’t required.
  • Radiofrequency
    Radiofrequency is a new and minimally invasive thermal ablation procedure used to restore healthy blood flow and eliminate varicose veins. This technique uses a small catheter to deliver heat along the entire diseased vein, causing it to shrink and close. Once treatment is complete, blood flow naturally reroutes to nearby healthy veins, your doctor will apply a bandage and may recommend compression to help with healing.
  • Varithena®
    Varithena is a nonsurgical, non-thermal, minimally invasive ablation procedure that can improve blood flow and minimize the appearance of varicose veins. This technique injects a small amount of the Varithena foam solution through a catheter or directly into the affected vein, which acts as an irritant. Once injected, the varicose vein collapses and blood flow shifts to healthier, nearby veins. Compression stockings are typically required for two weeks to promote proper healing.

For more information about these treatments, please call Carolina Vein Specialists at 336-537-5560. Our physicians are ready to help restore your confidence, comfort and beauty of your legs with VenaSeal, VENCLOSE and other advanced treatments.