Varicose Vein Removal in North Carolina: How to Choose a Doctor

Finding the right doctor to treat your varicose veins can be overwhelming. As you begin your search, you will discover dermatologists, internists, interventional radiologists, surgeons, and other specialists can treat veins. But how do you find the right doctor for your unique needs?

Five tips for choosing a vein care specialist

Here are five important factors to consider when choosing a vein care physician:

  • Find a board-certified physician who specializes in varicose vein and spider vein treatment.
  • Look for a physician who has experience treating your specific vein condition.
  • Ensure they are credentialed through major insurance companies and will accept your insurance.
  • Confirm that they are credentialed by a local hospital and have a clinic dedicated exclusively to vein care.
  • Make sure you and your physician are a good fit—find one you feel comfortable talking with and who listens to and answers your questions.

How to find the right vein care specialist for you

Once you’ve narrowed your search, here are additional factors to consider before making your choice:

  • Read reviews
    Once you have a list of potential specialists, gather feedback from those who may have referred you. It’s also important to read online patient reviews to gain a better overall understanding of their work and bedside manner.
  • Confirm credentials and experience
    Choose a vein care specialist with nationally recognized credentials who treats varicose veins and spider veins regularly. Find out how long they have been treating veins and how many procedures they perform each month. You’ll also want to confirm that he or she is in good standing with state and federal agencies and has no history of malpractice claims or disciplinary actions. 
  • Evaluate the facility
    It’s important you feel comfortable with the clinic’s physical layout, and that it is clean. Next, make sure the office has dedicated staff members, like a nurse practitioner, who specialize in venous disease. It will be helpful to have someone, other than the physician, to help with any pre- and post-procedure issues or questions, should they arise.
  • Ask about their vein care techniques and technologies
    A high-quality vein care center should offer alternative solutions for vein treatment and be equipped to handle complicated cases.
  • Understand your health insurance
    Before starting treatment, it’s important to discuss your benefits with your insurance provider or the clinic to ensure your procedures will be covered. While vein procedures/surgeries are typically covered under insurance, it may take 6 weeks to 3 months before treatment can start, due to insurance requirements. Once treatment begins, it may take an additional 3 months before your varicose veins diminish.

At Carolina Vein Specialists, you’ll find all of this and more. You can feel confident choosing us for your varicose vein removal in North Carolina. Here, painful vein stripping is a thing of the past, as we focus on minimally invasive techniques performed in-office without sedation. These innovative techniques require little to no downtime, which means you’ll return to daily activities in no time.

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